Wednesday, August 8, 2007

J O S H U A P U N D I T: Olmert Evicts Jews From Hebron

Hebron Jews Evicted

Will someone please tell me this is NOT happening.
This is wrong, so very wrong.
How many more forced evictions must there be before we shout from the rooftops .......
Please read the heartbreaking post by Freedom Fighter over at JOSHUAPUNDIT below:
Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Olmert Evicts Jews From Hebron

This has to be one of the more despicable acts in Jewish history ...... an Israeli government collaborating in the racist notion that parts of the Holy Land need to be `Jew free' for the sake of `peace' and using people sworn to defend the country to forcibly evict their fellow Jews.
Today, the expulsion of two families from their homes in the Shalhevet neighborhood, built on the site of the former Hevron marketplace, was completed. Three thousand Border Guard officers, Yassam special forces and IDF soldiers forcibly evicted the families as well as hundreds of their supporters in an operation that began in the cover of early morning darkness.
The marketplace, by the way, is on land originally purchased by the Jewish National Fund and confiscated by Jordan after 1948...when any Jews in Hebron, or for that matter in all of Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) including the Old City of Jerusalem were ethnically cleansed by the Arab Legion and their British officers.
The Olmert government chose Shalhevet as an example of its willingness to confront the so-called `settlers' and to bend over backwards for an imitation of peace...just like Oslo.
The IDF and the police demolished all of the homes built in the neighborhood, named for Shalhevet Pas, the Little Flame z"l. Hevron Jewish community spokesman Noam Arnon said Jews would return to the Hevron marketplace, built on top of the ruins of the city's old Jewish Quarter, the site of the 1929 massacre. "We will return to the Shalhevet neighborhood and the families will be back in their homes," he vowed.
It's worth noting that Army officials made a deal a year and a half ago with the eleven families who lived in Shalhevet, saying they would be allowed to return with legal status on the condition they left the premises peacefully. Nine of the families bought that, and left .... and then Olmert's Attorney General Menachem Mazuz quickly reneged on the agreement. Today's festivities represents the forcible eviction of the other two families.Thirteen people were arrested during the expulsion, accused of attacking police and throwing stones. It was not what could be characterized as a peaceful event, and the protesters and residents did not go quietly.
Professors for a Strong Israel strongly condemned the expulsion efforts. "We are dealing with stores that were built on the ruins of Hevron's Jewish Quarter, whose residents were murdered and their property looted exactly 78 years ago, said a statement by the group. "The expulsion of Jews once again from property that is Jewish is the fulfillment of the intentions of the rioters who sought to uproot any Jewish presence in Hevron as the first step in ridding all of Israel of Jews.
"In fact, the Olmert government didn't get it all their own way.
A dozen IDF soldiers from the Duchifat Battalion including two squad leaders refused to participate in the eviction of their fellow Jews, and the indication is that the IDF is trying to hush up and hide a much larger incident by focusing on these twelve soldiers as an example. They all received brig time and fines.
According to one source,an entire battalion of the Kfir Brigade refused to participate in this travesty. And a number of other soldiers and police went on sick leave to avoid explicitly refusing orders.
This will not end here....and if the Olmert government continues with its grandiose plans to evict the rest of the Jewish population from most of Judea and Samaria, today's resistance is a mere taste of what may be in store.
What they are doing is evil and it needs to be stopped ... plain and simple.

Posted by: Freedom Fighter


Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

I think that pictured has been recycled from the Gush Katif days. The recent Hebron/Shchunat Shalhevet expulsion was carried out entirely by men, even when Israeli law and judicial precedent rules that women should be treated by female police.
One good thing that came out of this, in words of a "Shalom Achshav" (that misnomer organization known to the English speaking public as "Peace Now"!) is that "from now on, with so much publicity, the [Israeli] police will think twice before conducting another expulsion". From their mouth to G-d's ears!

Freedom Fighter said...

That picture was used by the London Daily Mail in its article on the recent Shalhevet expulsion.

Seeing as the Gush Katif expulsion was mostly peaceable on the part of the residents, I think the picture probably does relate to Hebron.

I have heard mixed reports from my Israeli contacts about whether women police were used,including Nadia Matar,who was there and on a `wanted' list of the Yassam's and escaped in disguise. conclusion is that they were, but they came later and were not involved in the initial assault.

I likewise don't agree with Shalom Akshav that the Olmert government will `think twice' before attempting this again. The whole idea of this was for the Olmert government to prove to Condi Rice and the Bush Administration that they can be `flexible'and give land to the Arabs and were not afraid to attack `settlers'.

The fact that the people of Israel were not out in the streets en masse to demand the removal of these fascists and continue to allow this truly evil government to remain in power is all the encouragement Olmert needs to do it again, if it means clinging to power and staying out of jail.

Remember, this government was even more violent in `cleansing' Amona, and they got away with it.

The only way it will stop is if the people of Israel demand it, with G-d's help.


BTW, Elaine, thanks for the nice mention...Shabbat Shalom

Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

After speaking to a personal contact of mine in Hevron, the picture was indeed confirmed autherntic. There were police women removing protesters around the area. The actual residents of the Shalhevet neighborhood, though, were removed by the Yasam-riot police.
Several families have received ridiculous eviction notices. The Chabad shliach in Hevron, for instance, received an "eviction notice" for his mitzvah tank (not for his home!). Anywhere else you'd receive a parking ticket. In Hevron, you get an "eviction notice"... for a movable vehicle!
No doubt, it is Olmert the bully as his lowest point yet.

Michael said...

The whole Hebron expulsion was a shame on Israel and Jewish people. And it won't even get us any result, since the Islamists see it as the weakness it is.

Jack's Shack said...

Sooner or later Olmert will be gone. Hopefully sooner.