Friday, October 5, 2007

A War We Can Not Afford To Lose

I promised in my last post to give you a more detailed accounting of my recent activities which have kept me away from my blogging, for the past two months, and here it is, in part.

Let me begin by saying, we're in big trouble. When I say this, I am referring to both America and Israel. I am fully aware that this is not what people want to hear, nor is it what I would like to report, but it's the truth, and the truth is what we must face, if we are to survive.

I am, by nature, a very optimistic person, a "the glass is always half-full" type individual, so you can be sure that when I say, we're in big trouble, I believe it, passionately. I would love to tell you that the future looks bright, but I must call it like I see it, and it's not good. I believe fervently, as I stated in my earlier post, that America and Israel have both reached a fork in the road, and our destinies will be determined by the choices we make now. The good news is that there are people, intelligent, dedicated, and informed individuals, (like all of you, my faithful blogging friends), on the front lines of this battle, who are fighting the good fight, and with G-D's help, it's a war that we will win.

We must sound the alarm. We must awaken a complacent, self-serving, spoiled population, that has become fat and lazy, so-to-speak, accustomed to ease, and lulled to sleep by the false prophets of our day, namely, the leftist media, fat-cat, self-promoting politicians, liberal universities, and the corporate machinery, which fuels them all, bent on achieving their globalist agenda. This fight will be broad, much broader than the struggle between those on the right and those on the left, Republican or Democrat, religious or secular. To break it down to a least common denominator, the war we must fight is the original struggle, that of good verses evil, and it's a war that we can't afford to lose.

Over the past two months, I have been neck-deep in political muck, in preparation for next year's presidential election, here in America. I have spoken with representatives for all of the lead conservatives, in the Republican party, and with just over a year remaining before the election, I remain undecided in my choice of candidates. I have received, no less, than three, on some days, upwards of seven calls, per day, from Washington, D.C., from leading conservatives, and I have yet to receive any definitive answers to the issues of paramount concern to me. Politicians are expert at giving indirect answers to direct questions. I want direct answers, to direct questions. Is this so much to expect? I don't think so, and I'll be breaking-down the questions I asked of them, and some of the answers I received, candidate-by-candidate, but enough for now. I'll share more details from my recent discoveries as I outline them, in upcoming posts.

We have been given a great opportunity, as bloggers, to be on the front lines of this war, and hopefully to impact it's outcome. I am greatly humbled to be included in this very tight circle of brave soldiers, my fellow bloggers, my good friends, and my comrades in battle. Remember the pen (or, in this case, the blog), is mightier than the sword. All of you are my heroes. Your posts are far more eloquent and powerful than mine, and I am honored to know you all, and in my simplistic way, I will attempt to be worthy of the encouragement and support you have all given to me. Together we will fight the good fight, and we will win, with G-D's help.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

To All My Faithful Friends

Well, I'm back. I really don't know where to begin. I never intended to be away so long, but circumstances dictated it. I apologize to all my faithful readers, and I want to thank you all for your patience and loyalty. I would like to especially thank so many of you who continued to come by during my extended absence. Among those I would like to personally thank are, my good friend, Freedom Fighter, over at JoshuaPundit, John (of "This Ain't Hell, But You Can See It From Here" blog fame), my good friend, Mr. Bagel, from way down under, Rav Rafael, over at, El Blog de Rafael V. Rabinovich, Kobayashi Maru, and to my good friend, Ha-Mikdash, also to everyone else who faithfully came by Aaron's Rod. Your loyalty and friendship were most encouraging, and you will never know how very much it meant to me.

I had thought, and posted, that I would be back before the New Year, but I had posted to quickly. Circumstances, as I said, prevented it. In that earlier post, I had promised to fill you in on the details of my absence, and to "take-off the gloves, and come out swinging", well, the gloves are about to come off, and I can only hope you will still love me when they do. I promised more details of just what I've been up to over the past two months, but for now, I can only ask that you trust me. I'm not free to reveal all of the details at this time, but soon, I hope to.

Those of you, my friends, who have followed my blog, know of my tremendous love and concern for Israel, and of my dedication and patriotism for America. I find myself constantly torn between these two great loves. I sometimes think my body is in America, while my heart is in Israel, but I remain totally devoted to both. Over the past two months, I have been trudging through a political muck. With the presidential election approaching next year, I have devoted my energies and most of my time, toward the political arena here in America, but at the same time, incorporating my pro-Israel agenda into my conservative politics. It is with the gravest concern, that I write this, my first of many up-coming posts intended to herald an alarm for both America and Israel. It is with great conviction that I say this, both, America and Israel, have arrived at junctions, which depending on our choices over the course of the next several months, may determine our destinies. Does this sound too dramatic? I only fear that I may not state my concerns dramatically enough to awaken a public, that has been systematically and intentionally lulled to sleep.

I am still very pressed for time today, so this short post will have to suffice as a teaser until my next, when I will attempt to elaborate further.

Again, thanks to all my wonderful friends for your encouragement and loyalty during my absence. Your the best.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

J O S H U A P U N D I T: Olmert Evicts Jews From Hebron

Hebron Jews Evicted

Will someone please tell me this is NOT happening.
This is wrong, so very wrong.
How many more forced evictions must there be before we shout from the rooftops .......
Please read the heartbreaking post by Freedom Fighter over at JOSHUAPUNDIT below:
Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Olmert Evicts Jews From Hebron

This has to be one of the more despicable acts in Jewish history ...... an Israeli government collaborating in the racist notion that parts of the Holy Land need to be `Jew free' for the sake of `peace' and using people sworn to defend the country to forcibly evict their fellow Jews.
Today, the expulsion of two families from their homes in the Shalhevet neighborhood, built on the site of the former Hevron marketplace, was completed. Three thousand Border Guard officers, Yassam special forces and IDF soldiers forcibly evicted the families as well as hundreds of their supporters in an operation that began in the cover of early morning darkness.
The marketplace, by the way, is on land originally purchased by the Jewish National Fund and confiscated by Jordan after 1948...when any Jews in Hebron, or for that matter in all of Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) including the Old City of Jerusalem were ethnically cleansed by the Arab Legion and their British officers.
The Olmert government chose Shalhevet as an example of its willingness to confront the so-called `settlers' and to bend over backwards for an imitation of peace...just like Oslo.
The IDF and the police demolished all of the homes built in the neighborhood, named for Shalhevet Pas, the Little Flame z"l. Hevron Jewish community spokesman Noam Arnon said Jews would return to the Hevron marketplace, built on top of the ruins of the city's old Jewish Quarter, the site of the 1929 massacre. "We will return to the Shalhevet neighborhood and the families will be back in their homes," he vowed.
It's worth noting that Army officials made a deal a year and a half ago with the eleven families who lived in Shalhevet, saying they would be allowed to return with legal status on the condition they left the premises peacefully. Nine of the families bought that, and left .... and then Olmert's Attorney General Menachem Mazuz quickly reneged on the agreement. Today's festivities represents the forcible eviction of the other two families.Thirteen people were arrested during the expulsion, accused of attacking police and throwing stones. It was not what could be characterized as a peaceful event, and the protesters and residents did not go quietly.
Professors for a Strong Israel strongly condemned the expulsion efforts. "We are dealing with stores that were built on the ruins of Hevron's Jewish Quarter, whose residents were murdered and their property looted exactly 78 years ago, said a statement by the group. "The expulsion of Jews once again from property that is Jewish is the fulfillment of the intentions of the rioters who sought to uproot any Jewish presence in Hevron as the first step in ridding all of Israel of Jews.
"In fact, the Olmert government didn't get it all their own way.
A dozen IDF soldiers from the Duchifat Battalion including two squad leaders refused to participate in the eviction of their fellow Jews, and the indication is that the IDF is trying to hush up and hide a much larger incident by focusing on these twelve soldiers as an example. They all received brig time and fines.
According to one source,an entire battalion of the Kfir Brigade refused to participate in this travesty. And a number of other soldiers and police went on sick leave to avoid explicitly refusing orders.
This will not end here....and if the Olmert government continues with its grandiose plans to evict the rest of the Jewish population from most of Judea and Samaria, today's resistance is a mere taste of what may be in store.
What they are doing is evil and it needs to be stopped ... plain and simple.

Posted by: Freedom Fighter

Sunday, August 5, 2007

In Memory of Kimberly

This post is a bit different from my usual post topics, but not really. It concerns an issue which I hope we can all agree is of paramount concern, that of our children's safety and well-being.

Recently I received an urgent "HEADS-UP" from a well known and respected conservative blogger asking if I would consider weighing-in on the subject of his recent post, "Court Order: 'Keep 10 Yards Away From All Kids' . TexasFred had sent this heads-up to conservatives who had joined his blogrolls, of which I was just one of countless others to receive this message, "You might want to drop a comment on this one ... I'd really appreciate it if you did ... TexasFred".

After having read the post, I felt I had to share my own family's experience. TexasFred did not know, but he had awakened terrible memories from years past, that I have only shared with a few people. I share them now with my faithful readers, in the hope that they will move others to take action on this most horrific and inhuman crime, being perpetrated against the most vulnerable in our society, our children.

It was February 09, 1978. I was only fifteen when it happened. A young innocent girl, only a child of twelve, was taken from her junior high school, in Lake City, Florida, by force, during the middle of the day, by one of this nation's most monstrous sexual predators, and infamous serial killers, Theodore Robert "Ted" Bundy, only a few days before she was to be her school's "Valentine Princess".
The child's name was, Kimberly Diane Leach, Ted Bundy's last victim. No one ever saw Kimberly alive again after that tragic day. She never got to reign as "Valentine Princess". She never got to grow-up, to finish school, to fall in love, to get married, to have children of her own to love. She never got to do anything, ever again, because on that fateful day, she was abducted, raped repeatedly, and then monstrously murdered. Her throat was slit, and she was left naked and dead, in a pig's sty.
Many of my readers may remember her, most will certainly remember the monster, Ted Bundy, but few know of the pain and agony endured by her family and friends during and after the two months, it took before her body was finally discovered.
I know, because she was my cousin.
My father's favorite cousin was Kimberly's grandmother. I was nearly four years older than Kimberly, and her father had moved the family from Tennessee to Florida, so I never actually met her myself, but my father visited her grandmother often. They were first cousins, and I remember her very well. I KNEW Kimberly through her and through other family and friends, and I remember vividly the shock and devastation of the family when word came of her abduction. It was not known at first who had taken her or why, and hope was held out that she could still be alive. After her body was discovered the horrid details were made known. The nation soon knew the horrifying truth, the killer was none other than the monster, Ted Bundy. How could this have happened to such a sweet innocent young girl ? The family mourned this senseless act of unfathomable evil, and a nation wept with us. Ted Bundy was tried and convicted of Kimberly's murder. He was sentenced to death by electrocution on Florida's death row. This was his third death sentence, having already been tried and convicted for the brutal slayings of two other Florida girls, college students, whom Bundy had murdered only a short time before killing Kimberly. **While on death row, and awaiting his execution, at Raiford Prison, in Florida, Bundy was housed in the cell next to serial killer Ottis Toole, the suspected murderer of Adam Walsh,** another child who was abducted, and murdered by yet another sexual predator. Another innocent child who never got to grow-up, never got to do anything ever again, because some pedophile randomly chose him, abducted him from a crowded mall, and then sadistically took his innocence, and then his life.
** Wikipedia **

Kimberly was a bright loving child, with a warm radiant smile, and a beauty that was not only outward, but which radiated from an undeniable inner beauty as well. She was petite which made her appear even younger than her twelve years, and she was greatly loved by everyone who knew her. A bright student, at only twelve years of age, it was already very apparent that she possessed a very special talent for writing, poetry mostly, but writing in general as well. She could have been an accomplished writer or perhaps a brilliant journalist had she not have been taken from us, at such a tender age, by this sick, perverted, evil monster, Ted Bundy.

Kimberly's father was devastated by the tragic loss, and in the eight years of appeals by Bundy, Kimberly's father was diagnosed with cancer. He lived long enough to be a witness at the execution, and then, only a short time later, he joined his precious child in death. Only this past year, I spoke with Kimberly's Aunt about these tragic events, now so long passed, and she told me that it was this, the need to see his daughter's killer pay, that had kept her brother alive, but that after it was over, and Bundy had been executed, he felt only a small degree of closure, that could never fill the hole created in his heart by the loss of his cherished little girl. He died a short time after Bundy's execution.

At 7:06 a.m. local time on January 24, 1989, Ted Bundy was executed in the electric chair. His last words were, "I'd like you to give my love to my family and friends." Then, more than 2,000 volts were applied across his body for less than two minutes. He was pronounced dead at 7:16 a.m. ** Wikipedia **

In a very real sense, Kimberly's father was Bundy's last victim.
Once I had decided to share this with my readers, I searched the Internet for documentation and have posted a few of the archived records, most of which are taken from either Wikipedia, or from an interview with Bundy, done by James Dobson, just prior to Bundy's execution.

I would like to dedicate this post to the memory of this innocent child, my cousin, Kimberly Leach.

It is my intent and my heart's desire that somehow in the retelling of Kimberly's story, I can awaken people to the very real and present dangers out there awaiting our children.

Men like Ted Bundy, Ottis Toole, and countless others are out there, and they want to feed their evil appetites with our children. There are pedophiles, homosexuals, sexual deviants, sexual predators, perverts, of every stripe, out there, and as Ted Bundy himself points out in his interview with James Dobson, they start small, from soft porn, like this website in Seattle, Washington, (that TexasFred's post pointed-out), just planting a seed in their mind, then most often, to hardcore porn, then to a physical act, such as fondling, then to rape, before becoming the cold-blooded, evil, monsters you have just read about.

This is why, TexasFred is so very concerned and so angry over this man in California and his web site for pedophiles, in Seattle, Washington. It starts here, and where does it end ...... Kimberly ..... Adam ....... Jon Benet Ramsey ..... many more ..... to many to name .......

It's time we stood-up against sexual perversion targeting our children. Sexual predators and pedophiles feed their sadistic appetites, by preying on the most vulnerable and impressionable in our society, our children.

It's past time for us to stand up and say to the PC crowd;

"Sexual perversion is NOT a civil liberty."

NOTHING in our constitution guarantees you the right to prey upon children."

We stand united in our determination to see that this not happen to another, Kimberly, or Adam, or Jon Benet, or any one of our precious children, ever again.

We will, by ALL means necessary, fight you, and WE WILL (for the sake of the children) DEFEAT YOU !!

Read more of Kimberly's story, along with part of the last interview, done by James Dobson, with the monster who took her precious life, ......

Please read more below:

Theodore Robert 'Ted' Bundy (November 24, 1946January 24, 1989) is one of the most infamous serial killers in U.S. history. Bundy raped and murdered scores of young women across the United States between 1974 and 1978. After more than a decade of vigorous denials, Bundy eventually confessed to thirty murders, although the actual total of victims remains unknown. Typically, Bundy would rape then murder his victims by bludgeoning, and sometimes by strangulation. He also engaged in necrophilia. ** Wikipedia **

Feb. 9, 1978: Kimberly Leach (12), kidnapped from her junior high school in Lake City, Florida. She was raped, murdered and discarded in Suwannee State Park.
** Wikipedia **

When Florida detectives begged Bundy to tell them where he'd dumped Kimberly Leach to give her family some peace, Bundy said "But I'm the most cold-hearted son of a bitch you'll ever meet."

The day before he killed Kimberly Leach, Bundy approached another young Florida girl pretending to be "Richard Burton, Fire Department," but left hurriedly after her older brother arrived."[75]

On February 9, 1978, Bundy traveled to Lake City, Florida. While there, he abducted, raped, and murdered 12-year-old Kimberly Leach, throwing her body under a small pig shed. She would be his final victim. On February 12, Bundy stole yet another Volkswagen Beetle and left Tallahassee for good, heading west across the Florida panhandle. On Feb. 15, 1978, shortly after 1 a.m., Bundy was stopped by Pensacola police officer David Lee. When the officer called in a check of the license plate, the vehicle came up as stolen. Bundy then scuffled with the officer before he was finally subdued. As Lee took the unknown suspect to jail, Bundy said "I wish you had killed me."[57] ** Wikipedia **

Kimberly's body was found two months later, hidden in a derelict pig sty. An examination of the van and her remains showed that she had been raped in the vehicle and then suffocated in the mud while Bundy assaulted her again. He had mutilated her body with a knife.

After the Chi Omega trial, Bundy was tried for the Kimberly Leach murder in 1980. He was again convicted on all counts, principally due to fibers found in his van that matched Leach's clothing[60] and an eyewitness that saw him leading Leach away from the school,[61] and sentenced to death. ** Wikipedia **

While awaiting execution in Raiford Prison, Bundy was housed in the cell next to serial killer Ottis Toole, the suspected murderer of Adam Walsh.[64] ** Wikipedia **

The night before Bundy was executed, he gave a television interview to James Dobson, head of the evangelical Christian organization Focus on the Family. During the interview, Bundy made repeated claims as to the pornographic "roots" of his crimes. He stated that, while pornography didn't cause him to commit murder, the consumption of violent pornography helped "shape and mold" his violence into "behavior too terrible to describe." He alleged that he felt that violence in the media, "particularly sexualized violence," sent boys "down the road to being Ted Bundys". ** Wikipedia **

In the same interview, Bundy stated:

"You are going to kill me, and that will protect society from me. But out there are many, many more people who are addicted to pornography, and you are doing nothing about that."[73]
According to Hagmaier, Bundy contemplated suicide in the days leading up to his execution, but eventually decided against it. ** Wikipedia **

At 7:06 a.m. local time on January 24, 1989, Ted Bundy was executed in the electric chair. His last words were, "I'd like you to give my love to my family and friends." Then, more than 2,000 volts were applied across his body for less than two minutes. He was pronounced dead at 7:16 a.m. *** Wikipedia ***

*** The James Dobson Interview ***

"Fatal Addiction": Ted Bundy's Final Interview

JCD: Walk me through that. What was going on in your mind at that time?

Ted: Before we go any further, it is important to me that people believe what I’m saying. I’m not blaming pornography. I’m not saying it caused me to go out and do certain things. I take full responsibility for all the things that I’ve done. That’s not the question here. The issue is how this kind of literature contributed and helped mold and shape the kinds of violent behavior.

JCD: It fueled your fantasies.

Ted: In the beginning, it fuels this kind of thought process. Then, at a certain time, it is instrumental in crystallizing it, making it into something that is almost a separate entity inside.

JCD: You had gone about as far as you could go in your own fantasy life, with printed material, photos, videos, etc., and then there was the urge to take that step over to a physical event.

Ted: Once you become addicted to it, and I look at this as a kind of addiction, you look for more potent, more explicit, more graphic kinds of material. Like an addiction, you keep craving something which is harder and gives you a greater sense of excitement, until you reach the point where the pornography only goes so far - that jumping off point where you begin to think maybe actually doing it will give you that which is just beyond reading about it and looking at it.

JCD: How long did you stay at that point before you actually assaulted someone?

Ted: A couple of years. I was dealing with very strong inhibitions against criminal and violent behavior. That had been conditioned and bred into me from my neighborhood, environment, church, and schools. I knew it was wrong to think about it, and certainly, to do it was wrong. I was on the edge, and the last vestiges of restraint were being tested constantly, and assailed through the kind of fantasy life that was fueled, largely, by pornography.

JCD: Outside these walls, there are several hundred reporters that wanted to talk to you, and you asked me to come because you had something you wanted to say. You feel that hardcore pornography, and the door to it, soft core pornography, is doing untold damage to other people and causing other women to be abused and killed the way you did.

Ted: I’m no social scientist, and I don’t pretend to believe what John Q. Citizen thinks about this, but I’ve lived in prison for a long time now, and I’ve met a lot of men who were motivated to commit violence. Without exception, every one of them was deeply involved in pornography - deeply consumed by the addiction. The F.B.I.’s own study on serial homicide shows that the most common interest among serial killers is pornographers. It’s true.

JCD: One of the final murders you committed was 12-year-old Kimberly Leach. I think the public outcry is greater there because an innocent child was taken from a playground. What did you feel after that? Were they the normal emotions after that?

Ted: I can't really talk about that right now. It’s too painful. I would like to be able to convey to you what that experience is like, but I won't be able to talk about that. I can't begin to understand the pain that the parents of these children and young women that I have harmed feel. And I can't restore much to them, if anything. I won't pretend to, and I don't even expect them to forgive me. I'm not asking for it. That kind of forgiveness is of God; if they have it, they have it, and if they don't, maybe they'll find it someday.

At 7:06 a.m. local time on January 24, 1989, Ted Bundy was executed in the electric chair. His last words were, "I'd like you to give my love to my family and friends." Then, more than 2,000 volts were applied across his body for less than two minutes. He was pronounced dead at 7:16 a.m. ** Wikipedia **

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Reject the U.N.: United Nations Seals the Condemnation of Israel#links

This is scary, very scary. It's so outrageous, I don't know what to say.
When are we going to WAKE-UP ???
Please read the following posted over at Reject the UN, cross-posted by Maggie at Maggie's Notebook
United Nations Seals the Condemnation of Israel

Very Clever Photo courtesy: NewsCorp
Cross-posted by Maggie at Maggie's Notebook
Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton's insight into the corrupt and loathsome workings of the United Nations, has proven spot-on, once more. This from the Heritage Foundation:

The United States was one of only four countries that voted against the U.N. General Assembly reso­lution that created the council.The U.S. cast its vote out of concern that the new council would lack safeguards against the problems that afflicted the CHR. Regrettably, this concern has proved to be well founded....
The blacklist of human rights abusers has just been officially whitewashed. Under first-year leadership of the new U.N. Human Rights Council, Cuba and Belarus are dropped from the the list of countries under scrutiny for human rights offenses, but Israel, according to UN Watch, is blatantly targeted for "permanent indictment under a special agenda item."
Anne Bayefsky, writing for the Wall Street Journal and Eye on the UN

The political lesson here is that the U.S. and Canada don't have the power to push the council to protect human rights, and the European Union would rather sacrifice Israel and hide its own weakness by joining the consensus.
Under this "special agenda," the Palestinians are the only people to receive recognition as "abused":

Human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories, which includes Human rights violations and implications of the Israeli occupation of Palestine and other occupied Arab territories; and "Right to self-determination of the Palestinian people.Israel holds the distinction of being the only country on the planet that the U.N. deems a human rights abuser:

...not genocide in Sudan, not child slavery in China, nor the persecution of democracy dissidents in Egypt and elsewhere.
The investigations of Israel, under the "special agenda" will continue "until the end of the occupation," and the new Council has deemed the "investigation" not to be worthy of review, at any time.
How does a newly formed Council, charged with protecting the world's human rights, gain the power to point its accusatory finger at democracies and ignore profound human suffering at the behest of Kings and dictators? Bayerfsky sheds some light:

The U.N. General Assembly created the council without specifying membership criteria, such as, say, actually respecting human rights. The council now includes the likes of Angola, Azerbaijan, China, Cuba, Egypt, Qatar, Russia and Saudi Arabia. Less than half of its members, using the Freedom House's yardstick, are fully free democracies. And after a successful take-over bid of regional blocs within the council, the Organization of the Islamic Conference now dominates it.
Other "not free" countries elected to the Council are Algeria, Cameroon, and Tunisia, and others are suspect, or as Freedom House labels them: Nations at a Crossroads. It can be noted that the U.N. Human Rights Council consists of 13 seats for African states, 13 seats for Asian States, 6 seats for Eastern European states, 8 seats for Latin American and Caribbean states and 7 seats for Western European and Other states.
Jackson Diehl's Washington Post piece is, perhaps, the deepest I've found, and it is worth reading. Here's an excerpt:

The European Union includes countries holding eight of the council's 47 seats. It has made no serious effort to focus the council's attention on the world's worst human rights violators. According to a report by the independent group UN Watch, the European Union "has for the most part abandoned initiating any country-specific resolutions." At one point before last week's meeting, the European Union threatened to quit the council, effectively killing it. Yet when the meeting ended, Europe's representative, Ambassador Michael Steiner of Germany, said that while the package of procedural decisions singling out Israel "is certainly not ideal . . . we have a basis we can work with.
"For a video exposing the U.N.'s clear support of Nations viewing their citizenry as lower than chattel, see U.N. Watch: Up Against Human Rights.

Posted by: Maggie M. Thornton
On: July 19, 2007

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

J O S H U A P U N D I T: Fred Thompson Makes A Serious Error

In my previous post I stated my reasons for no longer supporting a bid by former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson, for President, in the upcoming 2008 race. I see others have also made this same decision.

I wanted to share with my readers, just one more post, by another respected blogger on this important and disappointing turn-of-events.

Please read the following post, and then ask yourself,

"Was this just simply a matter of bad judgement ??"

Or, something much more dangerous ???

Living in Tennessee, and having supported Fred Thompson in his Senate race, I was very saddened, and deeply concerned, to learn of his recent selection of Spencer Abraham, former Senator from Michigan, as his campaign manager.

It just didn't make any sense to me, why he should do such a thing, and after many days of investigation, unanswered questions, and frankly, a good dose of self-flagellation, that I could have been so fooled by this man, I did the only thing that I could do, I openly stated my objections, and then publicized my withdrawal of support for Fred Thompson, stating that I can no longer trust either his judgement or his loyalties.

A good friend and fellow blogger, with a sharp eye, and keen insight, had already arrived at this same conclusion, and had posted his assessment of Fred Thompson's actions over at JOSHUA PUNDIT.

I would encourage everyone to read what Freedom Fighter had to say in his post dated, Thursday, July 26, 2007, then to ask yourselves the same difficult questions that Freedom Fighter and others like myself asked, and then come to your own conclusions as we have done concerning Fred Thompson and his choice of Spencer Abraham as his new campaign manager.

Please read Freedom Fighter's post below:

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fred Thompson Makes A Serious Error

By his works ye shall know him ....

Up until now, I've had a `wait and see' attitude towards the candidacy of Fred Thompson, in spite of his light resume. The fact that a lot of people, especially in his home state seem to have a fairly high opinion of him was reason enough for me to keep an open mind, pending further data.

That's no longer true. Fred Thompson just revealed a lot about himself by picking, of all people, ex-Michigan Senator Spencer Abraham as his campaign manager.

I'm actually quite familiar with Abraham. As Michigan's senator, he was a major proponent of open borders and actually received a major award from The National Council of La Raza in 1997 for his sterling work in obstructing any kind of control of immigration.

And as Michelle Malkin reveals here, Spencer Abraham was also instrumental in preventing the implementation of two different tracking databases–one for foreign student visa holders and the other for all temporary visitors mandated by US law. On September 11, 2001, neither of those databases was in place, and they remain incomplete as I write this.

Even worse, Abraham, an Arab-American of Lebanese decent has consistently come down on the wrong side when it comes to Islamic terrorism, consistently voted against Israel and was actually a lobbyist for Arab nations after he stepped down as energy secretary under President George W. Bush's administration.

Blogpal Debbie Schlussel, who knows him quite well has the details here,
including Abraham's being one of only two Senators in the U.S. Senate who refused to sign a letter calling on President Clinton to condemn Palestinian terrorism and Yasser Arafat, at the height of the homicide bombings in Israel in the last part of Mr. Bill's second term, and his shilling for CAIR, and other questionable Islamists, as well as his sponsorship of USAid grants fro aid to Hezbollah controlled South Lebanon to the tune of over $200 million. No one who's serious about winning the War Against Jihad would want a tool like Abraham anywhere near him.

Either Thompson was ignorant about Abraham's background, which means he lacks the judgment to be president, or he knew about it and appointed Abraham anyway...which means that no one who's serious about fighting this war should remotely consider supporting him.

I'll be interested to hear what Thompson himself has to say about this...and his supporters, many of whom I know to be extremely decent people.

posted by Freedom Fighter at 12:25 PM

Monday, July 30, 2007

Gates of Vienna: Those Ripping Sounds You Hear…

After much investigation, and soul searching, I have arrived at a decision which has been very difficult for me.

As many of my regular readership are aware, I have openly supported Fred Thompson for a presidential bid in 2008.

I thought he was both a Conservative, and a friend and supportor of Israel, both of which are central to obtaining my support in the upcoming race for President.

It now appears, due to a recent shake-up in the Thompson camp, that my faith in him was mis-placed.

He could not, I feel, have been unaware of Spencer Abraham's Islamic connections, and therefore, is not the man I had hoped he was.

He either is unaware (which would mean politically blind), or he actually is fully aware and does not consider Abraham's affiliations to be a problem (in which case, he too would have to be a sell-out to Islamic interests, and therefore, a danger to both America, and to Israel).

In either case I have decided to withdraw my support and to remove all Thompson related blogrolls and links from my site.

Please read why I have taken these drastic steps below. I no longer feel I can trust Fred Thompson's judgment, or where his loyalties lie. It's as simple as that, and it is very dis-heartening to me.

Please read the post from Gates of Vienna below ....

Original post: Gates of Vienna

Gates of Vienna: Those Ripping Sounds You Hear…

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Those Ripping Sounds You Hear…

by Dymphna

Darn. He sounded so good for awhile. Then Fred Thompson made a fatal mistake for anyone concerned with the infiltration of this country by Islamists. He hired Spencer Abraham as his campaign manager:

Although Abraham, of Lebanese descent, is a Christian, he is a career water carrier for Islamists of the most extremist stripe and made that the cornerstone of his failed, one-term Senate career and equally lousy tenure as Energy Secretary.

As a Senator, he took marching orders from James Zogby of the pan-Islamist Arab American Institute, opposing profiling of Arabs, the use of secret evidence against Muslims (at the behest of Muslim groups), attempting to repeal the Clinton counterterrorism package, refusing to fund computer tracking of student and other foreign aliens, giving millions in our tax money right to Hezbollah, and putting CAIR on the map on Capitol Hill (taking the group’s officials around to meet other Senators and Members of Congress). He took campaign contributions from the relatives of Hezbollah-backed top Lebanese officials after he got the group millions in our tax money.

It gets worse…

Spence was one of only two Senators in the entire U.S. Senate who refused to sign a letter calling on President Clinton to condemn Palestinian terrorism and Yasser Arafat. This was at the height of a series of homicide bombings in Israel in 1999 and 2000.

As Energy Secretary, he gave top secret tours of nuclear facilities, as well as detailed information on how we secure them to Muslim nations who are our enemies. And he gave out undue post-9/11 awards to Al-Qaeda money-launderers . . . at the White House. The money launderers were raided by U.S. Customs Service agents.

After he left the Bush cabinet, Spence became a lobbyist for Mid-Eastern Muslim countries that practice the Arab boycott of Israel and don’t really like us too much either. He took their money and until the Thompson race, did their bidding.

Then there’s Jamal Barzinji. Abraham enlisted him to find parties who helped and reached out to Muslims after 9/11, with Abraham hosting an awards ceremony for them. Problem is, Barzinji is an officer and/or director in SAFA Trust, Mar-Jac Poultry, and International Institute for Islamic Thought, all raided by Customs in March 2002 for laundering over $1.7 billion to Al-Quaida and Islamic Jihad (through indicted University of South Florida professor and alleged Islamic Jihad frontman Sami Al-Arian).

Read more at Right Truth on Mr. Abraham. Lots of links, none of them reassuring.

How long will it be before the conservative “Blogs for Thompson” slowly melts away in the light of Fred’s decision to hire Spencer Abraham?

Those ripping sounds you hear are the “I’m with Fred” buttons being removed from the sidebars of disappointed conservatives.

And Giuliani is hunting for Fred so he can throw a rose on the “Fred Thompson for President” coffin as this nail is hammered in like a stake through the heart.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Tour of the Temple Mount ( has produced this wonderful video presentation, "A Tour of the Temple Mount."

Please watch, and as you do, remember to, "pray for the peace of Jerusalem."

As yet another Tisha B'Av approaches, contemplate the significance of these immortal words.

"If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand wither, let my tongue cleave to my palate if I do not remember you, if I do not set Jerusalem above my highest joy." (Psalm 137, 5-7).

You will find an enlightening post pertaining to the Temple Mount, and the desecrations being perpetrated by Arab Muslims (those who have been entrusted with it's preservation, ironically), over at, "Yid With Lid", please read more at the link below:

Also, please visit to learn of ways YOU can make a difference:

Monday, July 9, 2007

I've Been Tagged

My good friend and fellow blogger,

Mr. Bagel

has tagged me with a meme:

Here's how it works:

Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves.

The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed.At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

8 things you didn't know about Elaine:

So here goes ........

1. I was born during the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The last thing my mother remembers hearing my father and a neighbor of ours discussing, just before they came in to wheel her down to surgery (I was also very stubborn even at birth, my mother had to have a C-section), was that there might not be a tomorrow, but then I arrived, at exactly 5 minutes until midnight, and everything got better !!

2. When I was about eight years old, my father promised me that if I would catch a skunk (some folks here-abouts call them poll-cats), he would take it to the vet for me and have it de-scented, so I could keep it as a pet.
So, I went looking and found one, and I caught it. I managed somehow to get it home, (touting it by it's tail) without being bitten, (but, it sprayed me numerous times on the way to the house). I placed it inside an old rabbit pen that I had, and went to tell my father. He was, to say the least, shocked !!
I didn't get my pet though. Somehow it escaped (I thought), from the cage I had it in. I have spent most of my life believing that a skunk could escape through very small holes. It wasn't until recently, that my mother told me the truth about the skunk. My father had lifted the lid and let it go (using a pole about ten feet long) !! I kept my end of our deal, but he had not !! It was probably for the best though, I had to take several bathes in tomato juice before anyone could stand to come near me !!

3. When I was about eleven, I piloted my first plane. It was a small single engine plane, and I was with my cousin, (a professional pilot). He asked if I would like to take the controls, and I said, "Sure" !! I followed his instructions and we flew for about an hour, needless to say, he took the controls when we landed, but it was so exciting and I loved it !!

4. I know it's frowned upon, but I actually met, and married, my best friend when I was only fifteen. We have been happily married now for almost thirty years. We have three grown children, two boys, and our daughter (the baby) now 21.
Although I wouldn't recommend it for everyone, our early marriage worked out great for us. Not only are our children grown, but our two sons have given us four grandchildren between them, (our daughter is still single and about to graduate college next spring), while I still have the energy to keep-up with them !!

5. I began public speaking when I was only ten, by 18, I had given a speech before our governor and his cabinet. It was a spur of the moment thing and had I had the time to get nervous, I'm certain I would have, but it happened so suddenly, that I never had time to think about it. I opened with a joke and before I knew it, I had given an impromptu speech and had received a standing ovation. Just goes to show what you can do when your put on the spot.

6. In 2004, our middle child, Daniel, was in a terrible accident. It happened when he and his older brother, Gerry, and baby sister, Sarah, had gotten together and gone swimming, at the lake. After several hours of fun and swimming, Daniel suddenly cramped-up and disappeared beneath the surface. His brother tried to get to him in time, but could not. Daniel was under water for between 15 and twenty minutes (in warm summer waters, not frigid), before they found him and pulled him out.
He was blue and not breathing. His brother began CPR (Gerry was a certified EMT), the park ranger arrived with a defibrillator , and soon after the ambulance arrived. They had to use the defibrillator twice on the beach and again in the ambulance on the way to the nearest hospital, where he was put on life support and then airlifted by helicopter, to the nearest trauma intensive care unit.
They did not believe he would survive at all. The doctors told us he could not survive off of the respirator, and that he would remain in a "continuous state of vegetative coma" and if he survived would need to be cared for in a hospital and later nursing facility for the remainder of his life. He was nineteen at the time of the accident. They also told us that his personality and any awareness of his surroundings, as well as his memory, his ability to communicate, to walk, or even to swallow were gone permanently, but we refused to except this.
We trusted G-D and never gave up the hope that G-D would totally heel our son, and (to make a much longer story short), Daniel is back to his former sweet loveable, active, intelligent, and opinionated self. He retained all his memory and personality, and is able to not only walk again, but run, not only talk again, but never stops talking (he gets that from his mother), not only to swallow, but eats like a one man army.
I share this as often as I have the opportunity, to encourage others never to lose hope in G-D. We got our son back, and there just aren't words sufficient to express what that meant to us both !! 2004 was an incredible year for us !!

7. In 2005, my mother had a heart attack, and had to undergo a quadruple by-pass. She came through it with flying colors, and absolutely amazed me with her courage and strength !!

8. In 2006, our oldest son was involved in a head-on collision, and was nearly killed. He was airlifted to our nearest trauma unit, where he remained in intensive care, in a coma for a week, and then he was kept another three weeks in intensive care before undergoing numerous surgeries on his hip, his legs, and his feet.
He had to learn to walk again, and was in rehabilitation for his hips and legs for an additional year, but again, G-D brought him through !! We've had a few difficult moments over the past three years, but I wouldn't trade them for anything, because I am more convinced than ever that nothing is to big for G-D !!

Well that's probably far more than you ever wanted to know about me, so now I'll move on to the "8" people I have chosen to tag next !!

They are:

A Simple Jew


Oleh Musings


Hear, O Israel

Busy Wolf


The American Israeli Patriot

Thursday, July 5, 2007

John Smeaton: The BBC tribute

John Smeaton: The BBC tribute

In a day and age when we are confronted with a scourge of global terrorism, we must make some difficult decisions. Will we cower before the enemy, or will we stand and fight?

This video celebrates an average person, not unlike you or I, who chose the latter, and has been hailed a hero by many.

John Smeaton, of Glasgow, a baggage handler, by occupation, and a very modest man, is the subject of this BBC video.

When suddenly faced with the choice, to become a part of the solution, or to stand idly by, and to do nothing, this man chose to get involved, and for that, we hail him a hero.

Just ask yourselves for a moment, what would happen if we all chose, as John did, to get involved, to put aside our own self interest, and to fight against this modern day plague called "terrorism" ??

I, for one, salute Mr. Smeaton, for his valiant stand, and I would hope that, placed in a similar situation, I would choose, as he did, without hesitation, to get involved, to fight against this evil, and to become a part of the solution, instead of a part of the problem.

In a day when evil masquerades as good, and good is judged to be evil, we need more men (and women), like John Smeaton, to take a stand against this evil, to choose to fight, to say, "We're not going to allow this evil to go on any longer" !! It is then that we, just might, see things begin to turn around.

Terrorism breeds fear, that is what it is intended, by it's perpetrators, to do !!

Fear makes us vulnerable and weak, but we can choose not to let fear control us. We can control our fears. We must, if we are to win over these monsters. They want us immobilized by fear. We must not let our fear prevent us from becoming involved. We must overcome fear, if we are to win, and win we must !!

Please watch the video, and ask yourself, "What would I have done in his situation" ??

There is a truth that the terrorists don't want us to realize, and that is, good is stronger than evil, and right does make might !!

Let the actions of John Smeaton, and two other brave individuals at the Glasgow airport bombing, (a cabbie, and another man returning home from holiday), challenge us all to greatness !!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Jerusalem Chumash celebration - Maor Chaim cheder

Lazer Brody: A Rare Glimpse of Chassidic Jerusalem

With so much troubling news from day-to-day, we need to be reminded of the good, on a daily basis.

I was so encouraged by this video, that I felt I just had to link it.

Rabbi Lazer Brody posted this video of his grandson, and the other precious children, as they celebrated the start of their Torah study.

Torah is so powerful to lift us to great heights of joy and awe, but especially so, when we hear the sacred text from the mouths of these precious children of Yisroel.

The energy can be felt so powerfully, and emuna is the result, lifting us for the moment out of this world of uncertainty and fear, and into the world of emuna, where all things are possible.

Watch this wonderful video above, and let your hearts be encouraged, as mine was, by these precious children of Yisroel.

Original post: Rabbi Lazer Brody; of Lazer Beams:

Date: Monday, 02 July 2007

Lazer Beams: A Rare Glimpse of Chassidic Jerusalem

Emuna Outreach invites you to take part in a Chumash Seuda, the celebration when our five year-olds are already reading fluently and begin learning Torah. This off-the-tourist-track clip was filmed live at the Maor Chaim cheder un Jerusalem. The little guy with the eyeglasses is Brody-grandson Yitzchok, the son of Rabbi Ben-Tzion Brody. Enjoy!

Posted at 12:02 AM

The original post may be read at:

Be sure to read more of Rabbi Brody's powerful, emuna inspiring posts at:

Friday, June 22, 2007

YID With LID: Terrorist Lessons Still Not Learned

In this post, Yid With Lid, does a wonderful job of pointing-out the tremendous danger awaiting us if we fail to learn the lessons of our recent past.

We have all heard the refrain, "Those who fail to learn from history, are destined to repeat it."

I have also, always liked the quote, "FOOL ME ONCE, SHAME ON YOU ..... FOOL ME TWICE, SHAME ON ME."

Any great military leader will tell you, the first rule of warfare is to, "know your enemy."

These are the reasons why we are losing ground in the "war on terrorism." We have not applied these pearls of wisdom, without which, defeat is inevitable.

When we know that our enemy views diplomacy and concessions as weakness, why then do we continue in these practices, which only encourage our enemy to believe, victory is within their grasp ??

When will we learn ??

How many more concessions, how many one-sided deals, how much land, how many tears, how many sons, fathers, mothers, daughters, grand-parents, neighbors, co-workers, and friends ...... Tell me, please ...... how many are, too many ????

Please read the original post below:

Original post: Yid With Lid

On: June 21, 2007

YID With LID: Terrorist Lessons Still Not Learned

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Terrorist Lessons Still Not Learned

9-11-01 is a date that should be branded on the psyche of Americans forever. It is the day that our world changed---a massive attack on our own soil. Just eight years earlier there was a momentous date in Israeli history that should be branded on the collective souls of Israelis, 9-13-93, the day that the Oslo Accords were signed. Drunk with the prospect of peace Israel went on a "peace at any cost" ramage, throwing caution to the wind and leaping at the chance to go to sleep at night, without having to worry who was going to blow up their children tomorrow.

Peace is a noble cause--and it is to be pursued, but not the way Israel did, with their eyes shut. After Oslo came the second intifada, Bill Clinton almost comic attempt at leaving office with an Israeli-Palestinian pact as a legacy and the withdrawal from Gaza. All attempts at peace failed and all for the same reason---Arab nations do not make peace with equals-- they make peace with their conquers. If they perceive that there is a possibility of defeating you on the battlefield, that is their preferred option. That is the lesson still not learned after withdrawal from Lebanon and Gaza, playing Hezbollah to a tie, and not protecting towns like Sedrot from the constant shelling by Hamas---that is the lesson still not learned.

Next week Ehud Olmert will be going to Egypt for a "peace" conference. Will he continue the failed policy of unilateral concessions? Or will he finally learn the lesson. Chances are the Master Politician take the wrong road once again. For as Moshe Arens reminds us, the Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions.

The road to hell By Moshe Arens

If you want to know what hell looks like just take a look at the recent pictures of the carnage in Gaza. It might be comforting to say that this has nothing to do with us in Israel, but this would only be another of the many escapist delusions that capture Israeli minds so frequently. Not only will the Hamas takeover in Gaza affect us in the years to come, but there is little doubt that Israel's flawed policy in past years bears a good share of the responsibility for what is happening there now. These Israeli policies were no doubt motivated by the best of intentions - a desire to arrive at peace and do justice to the Palestinians - but as is well known, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Who likes to be told "I told you so"? Most certainly not those like Yossi Beilin and Avraham (Avrum) Burg and the other politicians of their dovish circle who have for years advocated negotiations with the Palestine Liberation Organization and concessions to the PLO and who have consistently called for an end to what they keep calling the occupation of Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

It all started in Oslo, 15 years ago. The arch-terrorist, the man who invented the hijacking of passenger aircraft and who ordered the murder of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic games, was hailed by some Israelis as a freedom-fighter with whom it was said we must negotiate and make peace.

"You make peace with your enemies" was the insane slogan repeated endlessly to justify this foolish course of action. And thus, at the conclusion of the negotiations in Oslo begun by amateur meddlers in international diplomacy, Yasser Arafat and his gang of corrupt terrorists were brought in from Tunis and imposed on the Palestinian population in most of Judea, Samaria and Gaza. (Israel left Gaza then, and not, as the advocates of disengagement have falsely claimed, at the time of the uprooting of the settlers in Gush Katif in August 2005).

A straight line connects Arafat's corrupt rule and his support for acts of terror against Israel's civilian population to the Hamas takeover in Gaza. Just connect the dots. They start with the Oslo Accords and pass through Ehud Barak's decision in 2000 to abandon Israel's security zone in southern Lebanon and betray Israel's long-time allies in the South Lebanon Army. It was not only Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah who then saw Israel as no more than a spider web, incapable of putting up resistance to terror. That brought on the Al Aqsa Intifada, orchestrated by Fatah and Hamas, with its terrible toll of civilian deaths.

And just as the Israel Defense Forces and the Shin Bet security service were about to hand the terrorists a decisive defeat, along came the Sharon government with the nonsensical idea of forcibly uprooting Israeli settlements and retreating to the Israeli-Egyptian armistice line of 1947, an idea marketed under the false slogan that "we were getting out of Gaza.

"That was all the encouragement that Hamas needed to claim victory over Israel and win the Palestinian elections against the corrupt Fatah party.

As should have been expected, Israel's unilateral retreat was followed by a continuous barrage of Qassam rockets against Israeli towns and villages. Despite all this, government spokesmen, led by Tzipi Livni, kept repeating that it is Israel's aim and Israel's interest to bring about the establishment of a Palestinian State in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Encouraged by Israel's seeming weakness, Hamas' power grew, it won the Palestinian elections, and now, in a no-holds power struggle, Hamas has taken over the entire Gaza Strip. They don't intend to stop there.

Israeli governments have been mistaken, again and again, in gauging Arab reactions to Israeli moves intended to move toward a relief of tension in the area and bring the Arabs closer to their goals as they are perceived by Israel. But to those whose goals are unlimited - the destruction of Israel - coming closer to their goal, as perceived by them, simply encourages them to intensify the struggle against Israel.

Good intentions are not enough. If not combined with a healthy dose of realism, they can lead straight to hell.

I don't like to say I told you so, but I told you so.

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Posted by: Yid With Lid

On: 6/21/2007 08:13:00 AM

Thursday, June 21, 2007

This Ain't Hell: How the Inmates Began Running the Asylum

Once again, I couldn't resist linking a post by John Lilyea, of legendary blog fame's, "This Ain't Hell, but You Can See It From Here".

It contained almost all of my own pet annoyances, Hamas, Palestinians, Fatah, Hugo Chavez, and my all-time favorite pain in my "posterior", JIMMY CARTER.

Jimmy Carter is an ardent anti-Semite, an embarrassment to America, and an all around idiot.

To state it more plainly, I wish he'd have stuck with raising peanuts. The world would be a much safer place today, if he had.

A peanut farmer with a "peanut" brain, now there's a dangerous combination, when he is allowed off the "farm" (funny farm), and into the arena of global politics, that is.

"Old peanut farmers never die, they just 'sprout' horns."

Please read this most informative post, by John Lilyea, below ....

Original post:
John Lilyea, of "This Ain't Hell, but You Can See It From Here"

June 20, 2007

How the Inmates Began Running the Asylum

What a nutty week, huh? We have Palestinians from the Gaza Strip begging the Isralis to let them into Israel so they can get away from other Palestinians and human rights organizations demanding that Israelis treat injured and ill Palestinians. From the AP by way of the Wall Street Journal;

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak ordered the army on Wednesday to allow into Israel any of the hundreds of Gazans holed up at a fetid crossing who might desperately need medical treatment.

A teenager with leukemia was on his way through shortly after, the military said. Additionally, Israeli officials allowed all foreign nationals in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip to cross over to Israel.

In related news, Israel’s Supreme Court was hearing a petition Wednesday by a human-rights group, demanding that Israeli authorities offer immediate medical treatment to 26 critically ill Palestinians hospitalized in Gaza.

Israeli aircraft, meanwhile, fired missiles at two rocket launchers in northern Gaza, in the first aerial attack since Islamic Hamas militants took over the coastal strip late last week. No injuries were reported. Earlier in the day, Israeli tanks entered southern Gaza, and four people, including at least two militants, were killed in an exchange of fire, Palestinian hospital officials said.

And of course, Jimmy Carter, being the dumbass country hick playing diplomat, blames the Bush Administration;

Carter, a Nobel Peace Prize winner who was addressing a human rights conference in Ireland, also said the Bush administration’s refusal to accept Hamas’ 2006 election victory was “criminal.”

“Criminal”. And, of course, Carter doesn’t stop there. He claims that the murderous Hamas organization, a group of thugs masquerading as politicians (although that’s very thin line to begin with, I suppose) were elected fairly and democratically - by other terrorists;

Carter said Hamas, besides winning a fair and democratic mandate that should have entitled it to lead the Palestinian government, had proven itself to be far more organized in its political and military showdowns with Abbas’ moderate Fatah movement.

Except that Hamas has been terrorizing the Fatah government, and dragging it’s opponents into the street and gunning them down - I guess that’s a more effective way of winning the next election - would Jimmy call that fair? All of Hamas’ opposition in the graveyards?

Here’s a story of Carter’s heroic Hamas from Conflict Botter;

They surrendered. A Hamas gunman shot one of the 12 soldiers in the leg and told the rest to run away. As they fled, they opened fire, Iki said, shooting them all in the legs as they tried to run away. A Hamas gunman came up and executed each wounded soldier, continued Iki. Iki was lucky, the execution bullet hit him in the side of the neck and he didn’t die. He lay semi-conscious on the street for an hour and a half bleeding. The bus driver who had driven the Hamas militants to the fight checked his pulse at one point and found he was alive. He started to help him.

“Leave him or we’ll shoot you,” a masked militant said.

Ya hafta wonder what is going through Carter’s head (if anything at all). Everyone (and I mean everyone) agrees that Jimmy Carter was a walking abortion as President, but everyone always qualifies that with “but he’s a good man”. How does this statement fit into the category of “a good man”? He’s actually encouraging Hamas to continue their murderous rampage through the streets of Gaza - and he calls that “more organized than Abbas’ moderate Fatah”. I very rarely use the expression, but this warrants it - WTF?

Here’s the conflict that Carter is having with his own statements; if the US has no business interfering in Palestinian politics, why should what we give the Palestinian government have any impact? I mean, all we did was not give them money and weapons. If I don’t like Walmart, am I still required to give them my money?

It’s like Carter’s other idiot cause - Cuba. If communism is so great, if Cuba is such a paradise why does it need trade with the capitalist US in order to survive? It’s trading with the whole rest of the world - why should trade with one nation out of 170 impact it so?

To quote Investors Business Daily’s editorial (h/t Blue Crab Boulevard);

The statement was so malevolent and illogical as to border on insane. Carter wasn’t honest enough to say he was rooting for terrorists who started a terrifying new war in the region and trashed what little democratic rule the Palestinians had. Instead, he tut-tutted the West for being insufficiently sensitive to the fact that Hamas thugs were democratically elected in 2006 in an “orderly and fair” vote.

When one party has started a civil war, democracy isn’t exactly the issue anymore. Just being elected does not justify making warfare on your fellow citizens.

But everything Carter says conflicts with itself - I found this great article in the Jerusalem Post that calls Jimmy Carter “Father of the Iranian Revolution“;

The truth is the entire nightmare can be traced back to the liberal democratic policies of the leftist Jimmy Carter, who created a firestorm that destabilized our greatest ally in the Muslim world, the shah of Iran, in favor of a religious fanatic, the ayatollah Khomeini.

Carter viewed Khomeini as more of a religious holy man in a grassroots revolution than a founding father of modern terrorism. Carter’s ambassador to the UN, Andrew Young, said “Khomeini will eventually be hailed as a saint.” Carter’s Iranian ambassador, William Sullivan, said, “Khomeini is a Gandhi-like figure.” Carter adviser James Bill proclaimed in a Newsweek interview on February 12, 1979 that Khomeini was not a mad mujahid, but a man of “impeccable integrity and honesty.”

The shah was terrified of Carter. He told his personal confidant, “Who knows what sort of calamity he [Carter] may unleash on the world?”

Who knew that Carter would still be unleashing his calamities on the world thirty years later? The JPost goes on;

In his anti-war pacifism, Carter never got it that Khomeini, a cleric exiled to Najaf in Iraq from 1965-1978, was preparing Iran for revolution. Proclaiming “the West killed God and wants us to bury him,” Khomeini’s weapon of choice was not the sword but the media. Using tape cassettes smuggled by Iranian pilgrims returning from the holy city of Najaf, he fueled disdain for what he called gharbzadegi (”the plague of Western culture”).

Carter pressured the shah to make what he termed human rights concessions by releasing political prisoners and relaxing press censorship. Khomeini could never have succeeded without Carter. The Islamic Revolution would have been stillborn.

Gen. Robert Huyser, Carter’s military liaison to Iran, once told me in tears: “The president could have publicly condemned Khomeini and even kidnapped him and then bartered for an exchange with the [American Embassy] hostages, but the president was indignant. ‘One cannot do that to a holy man,’ he said.”

What was holy about the murderous rampage that was carried out in Khomeini’s name throughout Iran? What was holy about the 444 days our citizens spent in captivity? And remember why the hostages were taken? Because Carter gave sanctuary to the shah and his family from being murdered by the Islamic Revolution.

Remember why we propped up Saddam in the 80s? Because we were afraid of the murderous Islamic Revolution spreading - and so were the Gulf States which plowed money into Saddam’s war. Which is why Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990 - he was deeply indebted to Kuwait and Gulf States and figured the Kuwaiti oil fields would give him some fiscal relief by eliminating one debtor and gave him cash to pay off the others.

Now Carter has deepened the conflict by allowing Chavez, who rules by decree these days, to seize power in Venezuela with his petrodollars and form an alliance with Iran. And he still doesn’t get it;

Carter said the consensus of the U.S., Israel and the EU to start funneling aid to Abbas’ new government in the West Bank but continue blocking Hamas in the Gaza Strip represented an “effort to divide Palestinians into two peoples.”

I guess murdering the opposition in the street doesn’t have the effect of dividing the Palestinians into “two peoples” does it? Although, this Hamas government is a demonstration of how voters get the government they deserve. Palestinians voted for Hamas because Hamas hates Jews and thinks they have a mandate from God to kill Jews - so anything they do in the space of time before they get to kill all of the Jews should be OK with God, too. And with Jimmy Carter as well, apparently.

In other related news, Aunt Agatha at Bloodthirsty Liberal mirrors my thoughts on Ahmed Yousef’s piece in the NYTimes explaining to us poor, ignorant Zionists and those guilt-ridden Leftists looking for an excuse to continue supporting the bloody Palestinians “What Hamas Wants“.

Boker Tov, Boulder reports that the peaceful Palestinians fired off two more Kassam missiles into Israel.

Israel Matzav tells us that the New Hamas “government” (for the want of a better word) warns that the new Sharia Law in Gaza is going to apply to the dhimmis still in Gaza. That should be a warning to dhimmi-wannabes here in the US, but, I guess it probably won’t.

I figured that I’ve been spending too much time on that buck-toothed, shriveled up, has-been-that-never-was moron, Jimmy Carter, so instead of repeating myself over-and-over, I created a Jimmy Carter category and ya’all can just go click that link on your right and it’ll take you to all of my brilliant thoughts about that dull, little POS Jimmy Carter and I swear I’ll never type his name again. Cuz Don Surber and I share a common shame - we both voted for Carter once.

Filed under: Politics, Terror War, Foreign Policy, Hugo Chavez, Jimmy Carter

— Jonn Lilyea @ 8:35 AM

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Free Gilad Shalit: Noam Shalit fears son's fate in light of Gaza chaos

Please read original post below:

Original Post: Free Gilad Shalit

Posted By: Baleboosteh

Original Post Date: Thursday, June 14, 2007

Father of kidnapped IDF solder Gilad Shalit, who has been held in Gaza for almost a year, says family has not received any information regarding his son.

Internal clashes between Fatah and Hamas in Gaza have aroused concern for the fate of kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit.Gilad's father, Noam told Ynet on Thursday that his family was completely in the dark regarding his son's well-being.

"We did not receive any information regarding the stance of the organizations that are holding him, if they are even still relevant," Shalit said, adding that he did not get any information from sources who have been holding negotiations with the kidnappers, such as Egypt.

June 25 will mark one year since Shalit was captured by terrorists who infiltrated Israel and attacked an IDF post in the southern Gaza Strip, near Kibbutz Kerem Shalom.

Over the past few days, the situation in Gaza has continued to intensify, with Hamas taking over all the buildings overlooking Fatah's Preventive Security Service headquarters in Gaza City, and claiming to have taken over part of the compound on Thursday.

Over three weeks ago, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said that negotiations for the release of Shalit were put on hold, due to the shaky security situation and the violence in the Gaza Strip.

"Talks were put on hold for now, following internal Palestinian complications and tensions that were created," Aboul Gheit said.


Ynet news: Noam Shalit fears son's fate in light of Gaza chaos

By: Ahiya Raved

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gentile Warrior: Fault lies at the feet of the "Palestinians"

Gentile Warrior, does an excellent job of pointing-out the obvious truth, (obvious that is to anyone willing to hear the truth), of the so-called, "Palestinian" struggles, and just who is "really" to blame for their situation. THEY are to blame, not Israel, or the United States, or any other outside entity. The blame for the current "Palestinian" situation is their own fault, and it's past time that the world must acknowledge this truth.

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On: Sunday, June 17, 2007

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Fault lies at the feet of the "Palestinians"

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Many people more educated than me have tried to parse up the blame for the current situation in the Gaza Strip. European, American, and Israeli policies and actions are sharing the blame for the "plight of the Palestinian". To do otherwise would be to place oneself into the status of bigot, xenophobe, and close minded. Decrying any Middle Eastern history prior to 1900 and focusing on hand picked events after the Balfour Declaration is all that is applicable to the modern situation. This is how the modern popular analyst and educator approaches the violence and hatred within "Palestinian" and islamic lands. This has become the new definition of pragmatism.

Israel withdrew from Gaza and left an infrastructure in place that the "Palestinians" should have been able to step right in and get running. Millions of dollars were donated by outside sources to ensure that this infrastructure would be workable. Millions of dollars given by sympathizers of the "Palestinian cause". How was the appreciation displayed? Within days of the withdrawl everything left behind had been looted and destroyed. I felt that the unilateral withdrawl, let alone any withdrawl, from the area would be a disaster. I had no reason to believe that the "Palestinians" would put down there weapons and commence building a modern workable society. They proved me right. However, despite what I had learned from the history of the region, the "Palestinians" were still given a viable chance to prove to us nay-sayers that we were wrong. They had an opportunity to start their trek into the modern world. They have proven that they lack the desire and the skill to do so.

The Bible tells us that Ishmael was the father of the Arabs. Ishmael would be a wild man. His descendants would continue this tradition. Nothing in the time since Ishmael would indicate otherwise. Modern Arabs live up to this expectation wholeheartedly. There is nothing the West or Israel could do that would change this. It is not the fault of the West or Israel that these fellow human beings live in a world of hatred and violence. Both of these "characteristics" are part of the human condition. In the west we do our best to temper these characteristics. By and large we have come to terms with it and have mildly controlled it. In the Middle East, these characteristics appear to be something that is manipulated and glorified.

The west, and a portion of Israelis, attempt to solve Middle Eastern problems in a Western manner. Unfortunately, these fellow human beings don't think like we do. They don't act like we do. They don't love like we do. Outside of being of the same species, we have very little in common. This has been the major fault in the wests approach. This approach can be deemed ignorant. I would label it naive. It replaces truth and fact with hope. This is a self defeating approach. The "Palestinians" rely on the fact that the West is compassionate, and in their minds, lack the resolve to defeat their archaic approach to life. We seem more than happy to continue with our failed approach.

The truth is, the fault for the "Palestinian" condition lies with the "Palestinian". They have chosen their present path. It is a path of violence and destruction. It is a path the parallels other societies path and often bleeds over. They don't wish to take this trek alone and are trying their best to bring others with them. I don't want to. Let them suffer on their own until they wake up one day and realize they have brought this all on themselves. Until that day, fight them with everything available. As of now, fighting them is protecting ourselves.

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Gentile Warrior: Fault lies at the feet of the "Palestinians"

Sunday, June 17, 2007