Wednesday, October 3, 2007

To All My Faithful Friends

Well, I'm back. I really don't know where to begin. I never intended to be away so long, but circumstances dictated it. I apologize to all my faithful readers, and I want to thank you all for your patience and loyalty. I would like to especially thank so many of you who continued to come by during my extended absence. Among those I would like to personally thank are, my good friend, Freedom Fighter, over at JoshuaPundit, John (of "This Ain't Hell, But You Can See It From Here" blog fame), my good friend, Mr. Bagel, from way down under, Rav Rafael, over at, El Blog de Rafael V. Rabinovich, Kobayashi Maru, and to my good friend, Ha-Mikdash, also to everyone else who faithfully came by Aaron's Rod. Your loyalty and friendship were most encouraging, and you will never know how very much it meant to me.

I had thought, and posted, that I would be back before the New Year, but I had posted to quickly. Circumstances, as I said, prevented it. In that earlier post, I had promised to fill you in on the details of my absence, and to "take-off the gloves, and come out swinging", well, the gloves are about to come off, and I can only hope you will still love me when they do. I promised more details of just what I've been up to over the past two months, but for now, I can only ask that you trust me. I'm not free to reveal all of the details at this time, but soon, I hope to.

Those of you, my friends, who have followed my blog, know of my tremendous love and concern for Israel, and of my dedication and patriotism for America. I find myself constantly torn between these two great loves. I sometimes think my body is in America, while my heart is in Israel, but I remain totally devoted to both. Over the past two months, I have been trudging through a political muck. With the presidential election approaching next year, I have devoted my energies and most of my time, toward the political arena here in America, but at the same time, incorporating my pro-Israel agenda into my conservative politics. It is with the gravest concern, that I write this, my first of many up-coming posts intended to herald an alarm for both America and Israel. It is with great conviction that I say this, both, America and Israel, have arrived at junctions, which depending on our choices over the course of the next several months, may determine our destinies. Does this sound too dramatic? I only fear that I may not state my concerns dramatically enough to awaken a public, that has been systematically and intentionally lulled to sleep.

I am still very pressed for time today, so this short post will have to suffice as a teaser until my next, when I will attempt to elaborate further.

Again, thanks to all my wonderful friends for your encouragement and loyalty during my absence. Your the best.


Kobayashi Maru said...

Elaine - Welcome back! You're off to a roarin' start here--very MUCH in my line of thinking these days (e.g., like this). So keep the courage and most of all keep writing!!

Jonn Lilyea said...

How could I be anything but patient with someone who insists I'm famous. Glad you're back. Now type, girl!

Elaine said...

K. Maru,

Thank you so very much for your encouragement and support !! Your the first to welcome me back !!

I missed you all soooo much !!

I read your recent posts !! Very interesting !! Your blog is great !! Very informative !! Keep fighting the good fight, and thanks again so much, you and John have made my day !!


Elaine said...


It's great to hear from you !! I'm very honored to have you stop-by !!

Didn't you know, your fame is legendary !!!!

Thank you so very much for your continued support !! Your loyalty during my absence meant so much to me !!

And, "Yes Sir", to the typing !!! I'll try to make it worthy of your support !!!

BTW, I checked-out your latest posts as well !! Great stuff !! It's no surprise that your blog is so "famous" !!! Keep fighting the good fight !!

And again, thanks for your encouragement, and for your patience while I was away !!


Mr Bagel said...

Hi Elaine where you been??

I thought the blogosphere was coming to an end when you disappeared!

:D Mr Bagel